5 Successful American Entrepreneurs

Want to learn about 5 successful American entrepreneurs? You’ve probably heard of these five entrepreneurs because they’ve practically become household names. Many would even argue that they are five of the most successful and influential people in American history. Their accomplishments have significantly changed American society and culture. Here they are:

  1. Bill Gates. If you haven’t heard of Bill Gates, there’s a good chance you were literally born yesterday. He’s the inventor of Microsoft Windows, and even though people knock the operating system all the time, it's mostly a result of being at the top. After all, it’s easy to hate the richest man in the world. He also proves that you can drop out of Harvard, and still be successful.
  2. Steve Jobs. It would probably be wrong to leave Steve Jobs off the list. In reality, Bill Gates used Steve Jobs’ software and got rich, but that didn’t keep Jobs down. In fact, he’s an American entrepreneur who already brought Apple back. He’s shaped America's culture in many ways already. Huge amounts of people use iPods. It’s the most popular mp3 player around. Plus, Macintosh computers are popular, and Mac fans are loyal like none other.
  3. Sam Walton. It’s hard to list all the accomplishments of Sam Walton. He’s easily one of the most influential American entrepreneurs, and he lived the American dream in many ways. He started Wal-Mart as a small nickel and dime store, and built it into the largest chain in America. Many towns even have two Wal-Marts now. Plus, he started Sam’s Club, which is a great bulk discount store. Sam even spent some time known as the richest man in America.
  4. Henry Ford. It’s hard to think of an American entrepreneur who has changed business and society more. He may not have invented the car, but he sure sold a ton of them. He also started using the assembly line to manufacture cars, which completely changed the way businesses operate. Even though America is turning away from the assembly line idea a little, there will always be a place for it.
  5. Howard Schultz. If you can think back long enough, you’ll remember a time in America when coffee wasn’t that cool. Sure, people drank it all time, but it was just coffee then. Now, it’s so much more. Coffee has its own culture and terminology. This is largely, if not solely, because of Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz. He took a trip to Italy, realized they had this awesome coffee culture, and made one in America.

There you have it: 5 successful American entrepreneurs. They are some of the richest, most powerful, and influential people in American history.

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