5 Successful Teen Entrepreneurs

Do you want to know the most successful teen entrepreneurs? Teen entrepreneurs are becoming more and more prominent as technology allows them to begin learning and utilizing skills that most people will never even know that they have. Teens can start online businesses and make more money before they are even legal adults than some people will make in their entire lifetimes. With hard work, dedication, and raw talent, several teens have emerged as true entrepreneurs in this exceedingly competitive world.

  1.  Catherine Cook and her brother David launched a yearbook Website that has made them important teen entrepreneurs. The Website had more than ten million in sales last year, and nearly ten million new people visit the site each month. Around 3,000 new members join daily.
  2. Donny Ouyang began his journey as an entrepreneur at the age of twelve. He is the founder and CEO of Kinkarso Tech Ltd., and he is still a project manager and marketer for the company. Donny has won several awards for the websites he has developed over the years.
  3.  Ashley Qualls started a MySpace layout web page that allows users to get free layouts for their MySpace pages. She created this website at the age of fourteen and it was very successful. Her Website gets over 150,000 views every day.
  4.  Jessica Mah is a teen entrepreneur who founded her first business at the age of thirteen. She created and developed a Website that allows teens in both high school and college to locate internships and get details about them.
  5. Ben Gulak invented an emission-free bike he dubbed Uno. He designed the original model himself, and it is supposed to move and handle similarly to a Segway. He is a famous teen entrepreneur for his invention and has even been on the cover of "Popular Science."
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