5 Successful Teenage Entrepreneurs

Most ambitious teenagers look for jobs; a smaller percentage become entrepreneurs, this article will reveal five successful teenage entrepreneurs. The teenage years have been a trying time for people for generations. Many teenagers have to face peer pressure as well as make the difficult transition from child to adult. Some teenagers seem to be wise beyond their years and follow that wisdom to success. Here are five successful teenage entrepreneurs.

  1. Paul Scandariato. Paul founded Intelli Innovations, a Macintosh software development company at the age of thirteen. Intelli Innovations eventually developed into a consulting company. Paul then created and began selling shareware with REALbasic. Paul's entrepreneurial skills now earn him a six figure income. Go Paul!
  2. Abbey Fleck. Abbey invented a product she named " Makin' Bacon' " at just eight years old. Her product reduces the fat in bacon without sacrificing its taste. Abbey's " Makin Bacon " royalties now exceed one million dollars annually. Hats off to Abbey.
  3. Tyler Dikman. Tyler was a computer genius before computers became popular. Tyler made his skills work for him by consulting others on how to buy and use computers. Tyler's company, CoolTronics had earned him over one million dollars before he celebrated his seventeenth birthday. Way to go Tyler.
  4. Juliette Brindak. Juliette started a website called Miss. O. and friends when she was ten years old. At the age of sixteen, Juliette was the author of a successful book, by nineteen, Juliette's net worth was over fifteen million dollars. Juliette is an inspiration to female and male teens who want to start their own business. Awesome Juliette!
  5. Brett Klasko. Brett was a business executive at the tender age of fourteen. As a seventeen year old Brett ran a multi-million dollar financial dot-com company. Yes!
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