5 Surfboard Ding Repair Tips

Here are 5 surfboard ding repair tips for repairing those ghastly gashes without forking over a fortune. Surfboard dings can be a major bummer, but there’s no need to spend your hard-earned dough to have someone else fix them when you can easily do it yourself. 

  1. Dry Thoroughly. Before you begin any kind of repair on your surfboard ding you’ll want to be sure that the injured area has been completely dried out. This will help to prevent discoloration to the finished repair.
  2. Purchase a Repair Kit. If you don’t have a case of supplies at the ready, you can purchase a basic ding repair kit at your local surf shop for about $20 (many hardware stores carry the kits, as well). The kits typically include resin, fiberglass cloths, mixing cups, filler and sanding pads. You’ll also need something sharp to remove the damaged area, such as a box saw or razor blades.
  3. Fill With Foam. Dings near the surfboard’s tail—which are quite common—can be cut out and filled with foam. This procedure helps prevent future cracking and is recommended since the tail is prone to heavy stress. Try using a box saw to cut out the ding and a razor blade for the foam.
  4. Be Patient. You’re probably eager to get your board back out, but allowing it to sit overnight (once you’ve put the foam in place) is strongly recommended. This will give the repair a harder consistency, making it easier to sand down.
  5. Smooth and Shape. Once the piece has had a good amount of time to sit, you can use a sander to smooth and shape the repaired area accordingly.
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