5 Swimming Pool Exercises

Here are 5 swimming pool exercises. It might be tempting to sit around your pool on a hot day and drink a few brewskis but why not make your time more productive and do some swimming pool exercises? Exercising in a swimming pool will not only keep you cooler on a hot day but also is much easier on your joints as you're weightless much of the time. The following swimming pool exercises will give you a decent workout on a very hot summer day.

To do swimming pool exercises, you will need:

  • Swimming pool dumbbells. For the best results, pick up swimming pool dumbbells in various weights but start off with five pounds at first. These weights actually cause resistance in the water and are a great way to exercise your arms.
  • A pool exercising belt
  1. One of the best swimming pool exercises is aqua jogging. Put on your pool exercising belt and head over to the deep end of the pool for some low-impact high-aerobic jogging. If you're new to exercising, start off jogging in the deep end of the pool for just five minutes. Increase by one minute every day and, in just two weeks, you'll be at almost twenty minutes of jogging. Your knees will thank you for jogging in the pool and not pounding the pavement. If you tend to get bored, a water proof mp3 player might help the time go by quicker. 
  2. Put those dumbbells to work with some bicep curls. Stand in shoulder deep water and grasp the dumbbell in your hand, palm up. Curl the dumbbell toward your shoulder being careful to keep the weight under water the whole time – this is the best way to get the most resistance from the water. Do just five curls if you're a beginner or more if you're an exercise junky. Make sure to switch arms and do equal amounts of bicep curls on each arm.
  3. Head the the shallow end and do some push ups on the side of the pool – no special equipment needed. Stand two feet from the pool wall. lean forward and place your hands on the edge of the pool. Push back until your arms are straight. Repeat five times if you're a beginner or more if you like a challenge. The shallower the water, the more your pool exercise workout will tax your arms and upper body.
  4. Knock off with the fancy exercise and just swim some laps to get some swimming pool exercise. No matter how large or small your pool is, you can get a very nice workout just by swimming back and forth. For the best results and more interest, vary your strokes between the overhead, breaststroke, or sidestroke. If you know how to do the butterfly stroke, throw that into the mix as it's one of the more strenuous swimming exercise you can do. 
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