5 Swing Bowling Tips

If you are a cricket player, then you need to know 5 swing bowling tips. These tips will be useful to you whether you are a bowler or not because they may help you to identify whether a bowler is setting up to use the swing bowl on you while you are up to bat.

  1. Know what the swing bowling technique is. Essentially, the swing bowling technique simply moves the ball in one of three directions as it gets closer to the batter. It will either go backwards slightly, to the left, or to the right. The swing bowling technique will definitely help you to throw off the batter on the other cricket team.
  2. If you keep one side of the cricket ball clean during the game by spit or sweat shine, it will increase the effect of the swing. Due to natural air qualities and other physical characteristics, the smooth side will make the ball go even more towards the way you want it to compared to a ball that is totally dirty on all sides.
  3. To do the out swing and in swing, you need to simply set the ball up where the seam is vertical and your fingers are across the seam. The shiny clean side should be facing the batter for the out swing and facing opposite the batter for the in swing. Throw the ball like normal and you will notice the swing of the ball either to the left or the right depending on how you set it up originally.
  4. To do the reverse, you simply need to roll the ball off the tips of your fingers when you bowl it. This is done by pitching it normally, but letting the ball roll of your whole hand and fingers which will slow it down. It will also make it spin backwards when it’s headed for the batter.
  5. If, when you bowl, the ball seems to be doing an unplanned swing, try holding it perpendicular to the seam. This will take away the natural effect that causes the ball to swing due to the position of the seam with the air.
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