5 Swingers Clubs In Australia

If you are ever down under and looking for some adult fun, check out one of the top 5 swingers clubs in Australia. Australia doesn’t bring to mind swingers clubs perhaps. Unless you are native or intoned with the culture, Australia brings to mind rugby, kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee. Don’t kid yourself. Australia is a Mecca of sex and lust and a large dose of erotica. Going down under means more that visiting Australia, it means going down. Swingers clubs are alive and well in Australia. Some of the sexiest and wildest sex clubs are in Australia. They do everything to the hilt and swinger clubs is no different. They may very well lead you to the travel agent to get a feel for life and lust down under.

  1. The Couples Club “Swing in Style”: this exclusive club respects your privacy and rules of engagement. All comers are couples (married) and provided private lounges for interaction or areas for group play. They provide the amenities and protection as well as promoting a safe environment. The Couples Club: 226 Commonwealth St. Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia.
  2. Sin Sity Swingers: provides a little more action for those a bit more inclined to step over the edge. This is a fantasy-based location, which caters to the creation of and completion of fantasies. Fantasies based on the deadly sins are promoted as well as deep group play. If you are into heavy foreplay of the Swingers world then saddle up for a fun and exciting ride. Sin Sity Swingers: 414 Bourke, St Surry Hills, NSW, Australia.
  3. EJ’s Swinger Parties: offer straight up no frills Swinger parties. Really, what more do you need then willing swingers and a place to play? This is a relaxed club atmosphere, complete with pool tables and dartboards. Chains and whips of course are available for some pool table side enjoyment. EJ’s Swinger Parties: Melbourne, Australia
  4. Couples International: is a unrestrained swingers local that offers just about everything to fulfill your fantasies. They are open to singles and couples as well as bondage and other intrusive fantasy based sex. This local is not for the shy couple or single as they broadcast and are mostly an open environment. Couples International: 5 Holden St. Woolloongabba Brisbane, Australia
  5. Club Gemini: holds a storied tradition in Swinging. Open for over twenty years and winning best adult party local twice, this venue has a long history of sex and indulgence. This club offers the casual to the wild in sexual events and encounters. This is a classy club with your safety and enjoyment in mind. Club Gemini: No address given until party is booked. 0418 148 227
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