5 Table Tennis Drills

If you’re looking to improve your game in the game of table tennis, these 5 table tennis drills will help you strengthen your skills and get some great experience under your belt. Whether you’re a new player or an experienced one looking for table tennis drills to take your skill to the next level, these table tennis drills are the perfect practice runs to help you out in the real game.

  1. Try out the “X’s and H’s” table tennis drill to practice getting used to moving around and returning the ball. Player 1 and Player 2 should be positioned across the table from each other on the same side (server’s left). Player 1 will start out serving the ball to the Player 2, and Player 2 will return the ball diagonally to the other side of the table. This forces Player 1 to move to the other side of the table to return it. Player 1 returns the ball forward, forcing Player 2 to move as well. Lastly, Player 2 returns diagonally. The point of the drill is to get both players to return the ball in the open end of the table. The cycle will repeat over and over for as long as both players wish.
  2. The “Two on One” table tennis drill will help the two-player team improve their strokes, and it will also help the one-man team develop endurance and strong decision-making in stressful situations. Player 1 will stand by himself at one side of the table, while Player 2 and 3 will stand at the other side. Player A will be forced to work harder due to having to control his entire part of the court. Player B and C can also work individually on their backhand and fronthand strokes.
  3. Try the “Wide Forehand Opening” table tennis drill to strengthen defense against sneaky opening attacks. Many times after you have served the ball, you may have noticed that your opponent immediately attempts to make an opening attack by flicking or pushing the ball wide to your open end of the table for an instant point. Learning to counter this is crucial. Practice by serving to another player, and make sure that the player always tries to attack with this technique. Learning what to look for and how to react quickly will help you out immensely during the real game.
  4. The “Down the Line” drill will help strengthen your game for those instances when you are intermittently playing on one side of the table only. Make sure that you are positioned on your forehand court and your opponent is directly across from you. Practice rallying solely in this area strictly on this sideline. You might want to switch the drill up a bit by both players only using forehanded strokes or backhanded strokes.
  5. For a forehand-strengthening game, try out the “Forehand Only” drill. You can really try this drill out in one of two ways. You might want to restrict the game to forehand strokes only for both players, or you might want to restrict your gameplay to forehand strokes only and the opponent can play however he likes. Both versions are nice drills to strengthen your forehand stroke.
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