5 Tantric Masturbation Tips

If you are looking to add to your solo experience, then check out these 5 Tantric masturbation tips. Tantra is a spiritual practice that teaches sexual freedom. Many Tantric sex practices start with masturbation. Once you have gotten done the Tantric practices by yourself you can use many of them with a partner to improve your sex life.

  1. Slow down. Tantra is about feeling. When you masturbate go very slow so that you can focus on the different sensations. Many men need quick strokes to ejaculate so using slow strokes is going to prolong how long it takes you to reach orgasm.
  2. Experience your body. Tantra isn’t just about having mind-blowing sex. The practice is also about being comfortable in your own skin, which will lead to sexual freedom intense orgasms. During your attempts at Tantric masturbation take the time to truly experience being in your body and all the things that you are able to feel.
  3. Breathe deeply. Breathing is a very important part of Tantric sex. Many men don’t know that rapid breathing will bring on ejaculation quicker. Focusing on keeping your breathing steady and deep will slow down the process. It will also make it a much more relaxing experience.
  4. Use a variety of strokes. Alternating the strokes you use will also lead to different stimulation. Try using the opposite hand than you normally use. Any time you feel yourself getting close to orgasm, try changing strokes.
  5. Rest afterwards. Tantric orgasms can take a lot out of you even when it’s just during masturbation. Take time to enjoy the after glow of your orgasm. A good way to do this is to lie down and feel your body (Touch all over and not just sexual places.). The sensations you experience after orgasm might feel much different than they would have before.
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