5 Teacher Retirement Gifts

If you have a favorite teacher who is retiring then you will want to treat them with one of these 5 teacher retirement gifts. Giving one of these gifts is an excellent way to show a teacher that you appreciate all the hard work that they have done.

  1. Handwritten Card. Many teachers feel that they are not appreciated for all the hard work that the do. A handwritten card from a student  telling them how much they are appreciated is something many teachers treasure for years. To make this teacher retirement gift even more special, a student can add a picture of themselves in the card.
  2. Scrapbook. A scrapbook of all the activities and functions a teacher has attended during their last year of teaching is a really fun teacher retirement gift. To make this gift even more unique students can sign and write comments throughout the scrapbook. Leaving some empty spaces in the scrapbook, for teachers to write their own comments is also a good idea.
  3. Gift Certificate to the Spa. A lot of teachers love to be pampered at the spa, but just don't want to spend the money going to the spa. This is a really good teacher retirement gift for a group of people to give together. If enough money people give money towards this gift, the teacher will have enough money to have a full day of services done at a spa.
  4. Light-Up Map. This is the perfect teacher retirement gift for teachers who are planning on traveling upon their retirement. Teachers can mark their destinations on the map. They can also use the light up map to light up areas that they have already traveled to.
  5. Jewelry. A good piece of Jewelry is a teacher retirement gift that a teacher will use for many years. Earrings and necklaces are good gifts for female teachers, while a watch is a nice gift for a male teacher. To make the jewelry even more special, have the teacher's name and date of retirement engraved on the piece of jewelry.
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