5 Team Drinking Games

These 5 team drinking games exist so that you do not have to get sloshed, drunk or wasted–whatever you want to call it–all by yourself. It's no fun to get hammered by yourself because then, you cannot share a communal experience of insobriety with others. Additionally, if you drink too much alone, no one will find you.

  1. Anchor Man. Anchor Man is the best team drinking game since it involves additional skill besides just chugging alcohol. Divide your friends into two teams and have each team attempt to bounce a quarter into paper cups. The person who succeeds gets to pick the "Anchor Man" on the other team. This losing team then has each of its members take a sip of a predesignated alcoholic beverage that's in a pitcher, but the "Anchor Man" is tasked with finishing it, no matter how much is left.
  2. Battleship. Battleship involves teams trying to pour alcohol into a shot glass that's already floating in a pitcher full of alcohol. The shot glass is the so-called battleship, and the goal is to try to pour more alcohol into the glass without it tipping into the pitcher's alcohol. If someone is unlucky enough to cause this to happen, his whole team is forced to drink whatever alcohol remains in the pitcher.
  3. Caps. Not to be confused with "Taps," the military song, Caps is the third-best team drinking game because it is a unique version of a drinking game. All it takes is two teams to line up, facing each other with beer cups placed in between them. The game proceeds with players on both teams trying to successfully land bottle caps into the middle beer cup. If a player hits the shot, then all the players on the opposing team are condemned to drink the remaining beer inside the cup.
  4. Team Chug. Team Chug is a variation on a normal chugging contest, but the stakes are higher here because instead of two drunkards merely seeing who can chug faster, the competition is between two teams of people! This is why this drinking game qualifies as the fourth-best team drinking game: The unpredictability of just what the hell may happen. Just make sure you get the puke bags out first before this disorderly game gets underway.
  5. Flip Cup. The final best team drinking game is the Flip Cup, which is so basic that even exchange students who speak broken English should be able to participate. All it consists of is two teams lined up against each other. Each team member has a cup in front of him, and the objective is to finish first and then flip your cup so that the next person in line on your team can repeat the process until all team members have had their turn. The first team to go through this motion first wins.
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