5 Techinques For Using Trojan Vibrating Condoms

Although the Trojan condoms don’t actually vibrate without using a vibrating ring, there are 5 techniques for using Trojan vibrating condoms. The vibrating ring can be used without a condom, but for safety and protection from STDs and pregnancy, use the condom of your choice from the huge selection of available Trojan products. Once the condom is on, slide the vibrating ring down to the base of the erect penis. Turn on the battery switch and you are ready to go. The battery lasts approximately eighteen minutes.

To use a Trojan vibrating condom, you will need:

  • Trojan condom
  • Trojan vibrating ring
  • Lubricating jelly
  1. Use a slow up and down motion when having intercourse. Every time the man penetrates deep into the vagina, the vibrating condom (ring) will hit the clitoris and send pleasant sensations to the woman. The vibrations from the condom (ring) will also flow up and down the shaft of the penis and provide the man with exciting sensations.
  2. Using a vibrating condom (ring) when in the missionary position can bring extra enjoyment to both the man and the woman. If the man and woman keep their bodies close together, it can enhance the sensations. Thrusting can cause a loss of contact with the vibrating ring.
  3. Extra pleasure can be gained when the woman is on top. When the woman is on top pressing down on the penis shaft, she can get better contact with the vibrating ring internally and contact with the pubic bone on the clitoris externally. This can cause a stronger orgasm for both partners.
  4. The vibrating condom (ring) technique works great with spooning.  When spooning, the man and woman lay on their sides with the man behind. The woman will feel the vibration from the vibrating condom (ring) and the man can also use his finger or a mini vibrator to massage her clitoris from the front for added pleasure. She will have vibrating action from both the inside and outside of the vagina.
  5. Doggy-style can bring exquisite pleasure. With the woman on her elbows and knees with her buttocks up in the air and the man on his knees behind, the vibrating condom (ring) should be turned facing the front of the vagina so the woman is receiving vibrations close to the clitoris. At the same time, the man can use his finger to rub the clitoris or a small massager to externally stimulate the clitoris. This position allows the full length of the penis to penetrate, and adding the vibrating condom (ring) brings unbelievable pleasure. Once again, slow penetrating movements, rather than thrusts, can be more enjoyable.
  6. For even more pleasure to both the man and woman, use the duo ring. Trojan also makes a duo ring. This duo ring placed over a condom can bring pleasure to both parties either together or separately. Both sides of the ring have separate batteries so either side can be turned off or on at different times, or they can both operate together. This can bring double pleasure. The batteries in the duo last approximately 30 minutes.
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