5 Tennis Agility Drills

Learning 5 tennis agility drills will make you a much better overall athlete. Tennis agility drills will improve your stamina and movement as a tennis player.  Improving your stamina and movement will allow you to play at a high level for longer. Playing at a high level throughout a tennis match will increase your tennis winning percentage.

To master these five tennis agility drills, you will need:

  • Workout Gear
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Tennis Court
  1. Using cones on a tennis court is a good way to make a tennis player agility better. Place the cones on the tennis courts at random places.  Say a series of numbers out loud to the tennis player. The goal is to have each player run around the cone, matching the exact number in the correct order.
  2. The agility T-drill is another great way to increase a tennis players agility.  Set up cones using a T formation. The cones need to represent the letter T. Have the players sit on the ground cross legged. The players will have to get up and run back and forth tracing the T formation throughout.
  3. Have players work at their tennis agility by running lateral sprints. The players will stand up and sprint as fast as they can laterally only. This will help the tennis player improve their lateral movement.
  4. The box drill is also a good way to have more tennis agility. Simply place one cone on the center of the tennis court. Have the players run a square around the cone.
  5. Another good way to add more agility to your tennis game would be to do tennis line drills. The player will have to run in straight lines. The lines will be horizontal and vertical. It is important for the player to switch the line he runs each time. The pattern should be horizontal then vertical.

Helpful Tips:

  • Keep Hydrated
  • Stretch
  • Consult your doctor before starting any new training regimen
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