5 Tennis Court Painting Tips

After a few years of withstanding the elements and the wear caused by normal use, a tennis court will need a new coat of paint, so here's 5 tennis court painting tips. Depending on how well is it applied, it´s lifetime will be shorter or longer. So a careful paint process will lead to many hours of playing for the least money and time.

To paint a tennis court:

  1. Start by washing the court with a high pressure water pump. This will avoid wasting paint by painting over dust, and will make the tiniest details on the court's surface be visible.
  2. Repair any cracks and holes before starting to apply paint. The putty must be completely dry before being able to receive any paint. Also, cracks will be more visible and able to receive putty when the cement is cold, so a cold day is best for the task. If you live in a warm place, you could do this late at night.
  3. Apply one coating to the hole court at a time. This will prevent difference in tones. Even using the same paint, a slight difference in temperature or pressure when the paint was applied determines different tones.
  4. Measure and establish new lines every time you paint the court. You may not notice it, but cement is quite dynamic, so following previous year´s lines may lead to bent or non matching lines.
  5. Use painter´s masking tape to paint lines. But don´t leave the tape sit on the court too long. If it´s hit by the sun, it´ll leave a thread of glue difficult to remove.

There are no major secrets. If you maintain the court every year, you´ll only have to use one coat, saving a lot of time and money.

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