5 Tennis Volley Drills

Most tennis volley drills will vary depending on the amount of improvement you wish to achieve in your game. Drills will help your stamina, the vision you wish to have on the court and your various tennis strokes. Tennis is a favorite pastime for many people and playing the game and practicing these tennis volley drills can help your game and keep you healthy. Read on for a list of the top five tennis volley drills.

  1. Try serving target drills to improve the accuracy of your serve. The way to do this is to set up cones or another object on the court opposite from you in the same areas as the legal serve areas on the court. Perform service as you usually do and gauge whether or not your serve hits the target. This tennis volley drill will determine the need for more serve practice.

  2. A down-the-line volley and cross-court drill will help you work on footwork, stamina and vision. To do this requires two people. One person will serve cross-court and the receiver will run across the court. Continue to do this tennis volley drill so that each serve is cross-court from the one before it.

  3. Overhead drills will improve reaction time, overhead shots, volleys and footwork. To perform this tennis drill a player stands mid-court and as the server hits the ball they will call out the type of return they want. This helps each player learn to adjust their footwork and hand position in order to react quickly to the command.

  4. Half court suicide. Sprint to the net along the sideline, then shuffle your feet sideways until reaching the other sideline. From there, work backwards until the service line is reached, and then sprint to the baseline. This tennis volley drill will help you with your stamina and footwork.

  5. The volley drill itself. To do this you should set up an area within the service box that the ball is to reach. Using volleys, try to get to this area. Each hit is a point, and each miss is a loss of a point. This tennis volley drill will help you work on your aiming, volleys and coordination.

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