5 Thai Actresses With Families

Thailand is known for taking film seriously and its actresses take family seriously, that is why there are at least 5 Thai actresses with families. This is surely a small number since there are so many Thai actresses with families. The Bangkok International film festival has been held in Bangkok, Thailand yearly and this is a time in which many of these actresses are able to share with their families.

  1. Cindy Burbridge is a Thai actress and model who represented Thailand in the 1996 Miss World pageant. Her family is of mixed heritage. She was born in Bangkok, Thailand to an American father named William Burbridge and a Thai-Indian-British mother named Patricia. She recently married Bryon Bishop in 2005 who was also her longtime Boyfriend. in 2005 she also starred in the film "The King Maker" starring as the hero's romantic interest.
  2. Intira Jaroenpura is also a Thai actress and singer. She was born to the well known actor and director Ruj Ronnapop. She has an older half-sister,  Mai Charoenpura who is also an actress as well as a singer. Intira is most popularly known for her roles in "The Unborn", "Six", and "House".
  3.  Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha is a Thai model, television and film actress. She was born in Bangkok Thailand  to a family with one older brother and two older sisters. She has won awards like the Top awards and the Kazz awards. Her latest films are "Pattie and the Swollen" and "Bangkok Traffic Love Story".
  4. Mai Charoenpura is another Thai actress as well as a singer. Her family consists of her father who is the actor Surin Charoenpura and her mother is Winee Sontikool. She was born in Bangkok, Thailand with four  sisters named Venic White, Ploy Charoenpura, Vipavee Maguire, and Intira Jaroenpura. Lately in 2010 Mai starred in the Thai horror film "Die a violent death".
  5. Janie Tienphosuwan is currently a Thai model as well as an actress. Her family consists of her sister and her parents who divorced when she was younger. She is most popularly known through the Thai soap operas also known as Lakorns.
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