5 Thai Actresses That Have Appeared Nude

It’s not easy to find 5 Thai actresses that have appeared nude because Thailand has strictly monitors nudity and Thai society publicly shuns pornography. Nevertheless, there are always rebels to be found. You don’t have to do the hard work of searching for sexy Thai actresses because they’re listed for you below. 

  1. Bongkoj Khongmalai. The movie “Ai-Fak” was both a hit and a burn for Bongkoj who made it big from her starring role in the film, but also stirred up a storm when a man stole shots of her nude on the set. She’s no stranger to sexy characters, as she also acted as a young Thai prostitute who was forced into the trade in “Tom-Yum-Goong.” Rent both films for a taste and then go searching for her nude photos.
  2. Marisa Anita. This exotic Eurasian gets her stunning looks from her Thai and Dutch parents and we’re glad that she’s mixed because the unspoken rules of Thailand allow her to bare more than typical Thai models. Not only is Marisa Anita an actress, but she has also modeled for various Thai magazines with her latest sexy photo shoot posted in “FHM Thailand” where she poses in the skimpiest lingerie or lack thereof and even gets frisky with another girl. Her possible breast enlargement will have you drooling even more.
  3. Ying Julaluk Kittiyarat. Heavily involved in a myriad of areas including acting, modeling, and writing, Kittiyarat definitely fills her time but never stops being sexy. She stirred up some controversy with her book entitled “Sexual Connotation” in which she candidly writes about sexual topics and publishes some hot photos. It’s a good thing she isn’t timid.
  4. Naphakpapha Nakprasitte. Too petite for fashion modeling, Nakprasitte began an acting career instead after a talent scout noticed her as a finalist in the Elite Model Look Thailand competition. She rose to fame in the erotic Thai movie “Mae Bia” where she naturally fell into her role as a sexy character who spends a lot of time nude in front of the camera. Also catch her in her next hit, “Butterfly Man,” where her job is to pleasure the protagonist as a sizzling masseuse.
  5. Natt Chanapa. In a sexually conservative country such as Thailand where hardcore pornography is illegal, Natt managed to defy the odds and rise to fame despite being harshly reprimanded after being discovered in a pornographic film with a Japanese actor. If truth be told, it was in fact due to her pornographic appearance that she transformed from a so-so Thai actress to a superstar. There are probably still copies of that porn clip floating around the Internet.
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