5 Thanksgiving Party Icebreakers

If you plan on hosting a Thanksgiving party this year, use these 5 Thanksgiving party icebreakers to help your guests feel at ease. These icebreakers are especially helpful if you will be mixing guests with people they don't know. With these 5 Thanksgiving party icebreakers, everyone is sure to have a fun time!

  1. Pass out name tags. It may sound corny, but giving people name tags is an easy way to help them mingle. As soon as guests enter the party, hand them a blank name tag and a marker. Then ask them to fill it out with their name and one interesting fact they'd like to share. This will not only help guests remember each other's names, but it can also be a great icebreaker and conversation starter.
  2. Serve alcohol. Alcohol may not be for everyone, but it can help those that are of age relax in a new situation. This is one Thanksgiving party icebreaker that not all guests may be comfortable with, but it is guaranteed to put your guests at ease. Just remember to assign designated drivers before the drinking begins.
  3. Play games. Games that can be played using teams is a great idea. In our list of 5 Thanksgiving party icebreakers, games are highly recommended. What games should you play? Horseshoes, video games, badminton or even card games are great choices.
  4. Host a potluck. When you get your guests involved with the party, it helps them feel at ease when they arrive. Ask each guest to bring a covered dish. This will take a lot of work away from you and give you a diverse menu, but it will also be another conversation starter among guests.
  5. Play the underwear game. Nothing brings people together like laughter. What could be funnier than an underwear game? This is one of the most fun ideas on our list of 5 Thanksgiving party icebreakers. To play, ask all your guests to bring in a pair of underwear. When they arrive, have them place the underwear in a black trash bag. Later in the party, have everyone try to guess which guests brought which pair of underwear. This game is a blast!



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