5 Things Lesbians Can Teach A Man About Oral Sex

Improve your skills with these 5 things lesbians can teach a man about oral sex. Lesbians focus more on oral sex than most men do. Many lesbian oral sex techniques can easily be done by a man. Remember to always keep an open bedroom dialogue with your partner when you are trying out new sexual techniques.

  1. Vary your speed. One reason that most lesbians are better at giving oral sex than men is because they understand a woman’s arousal. Just like with a man’s body, arousal changes the way a woman’s body response to stimulation. To give a woman the most pleasure, you should vary the speed you use in oral sex based on her arousal. Listen and watch for her responses to determine the best speed. Another good technique is to simply tell your partner to tell you if she wants you to speed up or slow down.
  2. Vary the amount of pressure. Like with the first tip, make sure to vary the amount of pressure you use. Remember that the parts of your partner’s body you are focusing on can become very sensitive rather quickly so sure to watch her reactions so you don’t use too much pressure. Asking her to tell you is she wants more or less pressure can be a great starting point to help you learn to read her reactions.
  3. Don’t make oral sex prep-work to intercourse. Many women complain that they miss out on truly enjoying oral sex because it is just something that their partner quickly does to make them aroused enough for intercourse. Take a lesson from lesbians and remember that oral sex is an important sexual act in itself and not just a method of foreplay. Many men find that if they stop trying to rush to get to the point of intercourse, they can give their partner more oral pleasure.
  4. Lubrication can make things a lot more fun. Many women have a problem with producing enough natural lubrication and that can make even oral sex uncomfortable at times. This is a sensitive matter for many women and can be very hard for them to bring up. Where lesbians have the upper hand is that they personally understand this problem. There are many flavored lubrications on the market that are specifically meant for oral sex. Also some men are slightly hesitant at oral sex because of the taste. If you have this problem, you might find that adding some flavoring makes it easier for you to perform oral sex.
  5. Orgasm doesn’t mean you are done. How a woman is treated after sexual acts can greatly affect how she responds in bed. Women don’t come down from sexual arousal as fast as men, which means that immediately after orgasm your partner is the most vulnerable emotionally. After a man achieves orgasm (Or give an orgasm, if they are trying to only focus on their partner.) the worse thing he can do is get out of bed and go do something else. Doing this can make your partner feel abandoned after a sexual act, which is an inherent fear for women. Causing such a fear can actually make her suppress her sexual desires and make her less open in bed. Lesbians have this same fear so they understand this better than men. Try spending some time in bed with your partner or making getting cleaned up together more sensual by helping each other.
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