5 Things To Say To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

If your relationship is on the rocks or over completely, here are the five things to say to get your ex girlfriend back. Many guys mean well, but they just don't know the right things to say to their ex girlfriends. Knowing the right things to say is extremely important, because it can mean the difference between getting your ex girlfriend back and never seeing her again. Say these five things to your ex girlfriend and she will quickly be on her way back to you.

  1. I was wrong. The first step in getting your ex girlfriend back is to admit that you were wrong. Girls don't want to hear about what they did wrong in a relationship, because they want their ex boyfriend to admit that he was wrong. You will need to make a list of the things that you have done wrong in the relationship and then admit each one of them to her.
  2. I am sorry. Many guys don't think saying sorry can help, but it can actually go a long way in getting your ex girlfriend back. You need to just flat out say your sorry if want a chance of getting your ex girlfriend back. Girls can forgive a lot of mistakes if a guy can look them in the eyes and sincerely say they are sorry for the mistakes they have made in a relationship.
  3. I will change. To get your ex girlfriend back, you need to tell her you will change and you need to mean it. You can't just tell her you are going to change, you need to tell her specifically what you are going to do to change. Otherwise she will probably think you are just saying it to get her back.
  4. I want a future with you. Women need to hear that they have a future with their guy. If you truly want to get your ex girlfriend back, then you are going to have to make a commitment to her. If this is going to work, you need to mean it when you tell her that you want a future with her.
  5. I appreciate you. Many woman feel like they are not appreciated in their relationships. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back, then you will need to tell her how you appreciate all the things she has done for you. Be specific about what you appreciate about her. If she cooked you dinner ever evening, then tell her that you appreciated her making you a warm meal every day.



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