5 Things Women Masturbate With

Learning about any five things women masturbate with would be an enjoyable, and also very educational endeavor. When it comes to masturbation, women really lucked out. The vast number of things women can masturbate with is enormous. Men, on the other hand, can only switch, well, to the other hand. Guys really don't have much to play with in the masturbation department. The sex industry tries to develop toys for dudes. But you know just as well as the next guy that the number of things women can masturbate with are far more interesting, effective, take your pick of an adjective. Narrowing it down to the five best things women masturbate with is almost a crime. Here they are. The five things women masturbate with.

  1. Their fingers. Most guys probably agree that a woman using her own hands to masturbate with is one of the hottest events you can see. Watching a woman bring herself to orgasm, for lack of a better term, is freaking beautiful. The sounds, the movements, the smells. Guys would give up season tickets to their favorite sports teams if they could replace them with season tickets to watch a chick masturbate with her own fingers.
  2. Vibrators. These things come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. It's like a cornucopia of self-gratifying pleasure out there for the ladies. Some of these contraptions look like weapons, while others can be hidden. The coolest form of vibrator on the market are the panties with the bullet strategically placed near her vaginal area. Some forms of these panties come with a remote control. Wow. They're definitely fun things for women to masturbate with.
  3. The "orgasm" machines. These things are awesome. They're like these mechanical bull seats that don't move. They vibrate. Furiously. They come with attachments for penetration purposes. The rider can control how powerful the vibrations are with a small control panel that's connected to the machine. For those of you not familiar with these things. You have to check them out.
  4. Another chick's fingers, and tongue, and… Yes, yes, you knew it would be on here. Lesbian action. One of the hottest things a women could masturbate with is another woman's fingers and tongue. Nobody can go down on a woman as good as another woman. And nobody enjoys watching this sort of thing more then guys. Why do you think the lesbian porn market is so huge? It's because guys love to see women masturbate with the help of other women. A live performance is exponentially better than anything you could find on the internet.
  5. Your fingers, and tongue, and… The best things a woman can use to masturbate with is your personal extremities. Nothing's hotter than participating in every man's favorite interactive game. And who knows, if you handle your business with this game, you may get to compete at the next level.
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