5 Tips For Achieving G Spot Orgasms Through Sex

When it comes to sex everyone should know the 5 tips for achieving G spot orgasms through sex. In case you haven't been listening for the past 30 years or so, the G spot is the spot inside a woman's vagina that can give her longer and more intense orgasms. In order to achieve G spot orgasms though sex you must first know where to locate the G spot. To find the G spot begin by inserting your finger into the vagina about 2 inches or so. On the top vaginal wall you will fell a rough patch of tissue. This is the G spot.

  1. Depth perception. Size has been an issue with men since the beginning of time. "The bigger, the better" was the motto. However, when it comes to achieving a G spot orgasm that is not the case. Since the G spot is only 2 inches inside the vagina if your penis is too big it will glide right past.
  2. The angle. When angling to hit the G spot think up. Most sex positions don't have the angle needed to hit the G spot. Positions such as the Magic mountain and the Seated Wheelbarrow offer a better angle for G spot stimulation.
  3. Hard or Soft. When it comes to a G spot orgasm, hard and faster is often the best combination to achieve your orgasmic goal. The steady rhythm against the G spot is the secret to a successful orgasm.
  4. Don't forget. Just because you are focusing on a G spot orgasm, don't neglect her other parts. The are still just as important for her to reach an orgasms as they were before you found her G spot.
  5. Don't stop. Once you have the right rhythm going for her to reach a G spot orgasm, don't stop. Keep her rocking until she cries out in unbelievable ecstasy.
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