5 Tips For Afghan Hound Grooming

If you own an Afghan hound you may be slightly overwhelmed by the necessary grooming upkeep, to keep you sane, here are 5 tips for Afghan hound grooming. Even if you’re Afghan isn’t a show dog, there is quite a bit of grooming needed for this breed of dog. The biggest tip for Afghan hound grooming is that this type of dog needs to be bathed and brushed very regularly, as their coats can get out of control in no time.

You will need:

  • A good shampoo
  • A good cream rinse
  • A hair dryer (preferably standing
  • Large good oval pin brush
  1. No cutting! An important thing to remember, and one of the only things that makes Afghan Hound grooming easier. is that this breed’s coat should never need to be clipped or trimmed. The only exception to this is hair around the feet.
  2. Bathe first. One of the most important tips for Afghan hound grooming is to always bathe your dog before he is brushed; brushing a dirty coat can damage his hair.
  3. Root to tip. A tip for Afghan hound grooming pertaining to brushing is to always brush your dog’s hair from the skin out. Use a blow dryer to part the hair while using your fingers to search the dog’s skin for mats.
  4. Lather and rinse. The most important tip for Afghan hound grooming is pertaining to the bath. Make sure that the shampoo is worked into the coat with the growth of the hair and is never scrubbed in. When you rinse your pup, make sure the water runs completely clean as leftover shampoo could irritate her skin. After she is thoroughly rinsed, apply a cream rinse to the clean coat.
  5. Drying. A tip for Afghan hound grooming to avoid mats is that when your dog has been bathed, make sure that drying mats are used in the direction of hair growth.  Hair should never be rubbed. If matting does occur, only attempt to de-mat after the dog’s coat has been thoroughly conditioned.



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