5 Tips For Applying Wax To Skimboard

Skimboards need to be waxed just like surfboards, so learn about five tips for applying wax to skimboard. Skimboards are like surfboards in that they allow you to ride waves. Skimboards are much smaller and easier to maneuver and learn. Here are five tips for applying wax to a skimboard. Waxing your skimboard regularly can help preserve the life of your skimboard and help your feet from slipping.

  1. Use the correct type of wax. Don't just use the same wax you use on your snowboard or your skis. Make sure the wax is compatible with your skimboard. Brands like Stickybumps make wax specifically for skimboards. Additionally, many people try to use car wax on their skimboard. This is a bad idea, since car wax is not meant to go in the ocean.
  2. Use the correct temperature of wax for your skimboard. Skimboards can be made from fiberglass, bamboo and many other materials. Some are compatible with both hot and cold wax, others are only compatible with one or the other. Make sure you know which temperature is right for your skimboard. Generally, cold wax is easier to apply because it isn't hard or sticky like tropical wax. The temperature of wax will also depend on the temperature of water where you are using your skimboard.
  3. Clean your skimboard before waxing it. Find a bench or other surface that you don't mind getting dirty. Use a clean towel to wipe off the excess dirt and moisture. If there is old wax or other stuck debris, use a knife to scrape it off. Next, use rubbing alcohol to clean it.
  4. Apply the wax to the top of your skimboard. Waxing your skimboard is different from waxing your skis or snowboard. Do not apply wax to the bottom of your skimboard. Also, you want your skimboard to be at room temperature when you are applying the wax.
  5. Apply wax slowly. Especially if you are new to waxing, you don't want to apply thick layers of wax. Apply the wax cautiously. You can always go back and add more. Use a circular motion to apply wax to the top of your skimboard.
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