5 Tips For Better Sex

Your sex life can be great, but wouldn't it be nice to learn about 5 tips for better sex? While everything can be just great in the bedroom, why not learn about ways to enhance you and your partner's sex life in order to spice things up? No matter what your skill level or how satisfied you are, these tips can help make a good thing even better.

  1. Be spontaneous. We've all heard it before but it really does work; spontaneity adds a sense of newness to a relationship. Getting into a sexual rut can harm a healthy relationship by causing boredom and a feeling of the same old thing. By being spontaneous and adventurous, your sex life can seem like new and add that kick to your erotic encounters.
  2. Be daring. Think about something you've always wanted to do or consider a fantasy you've always wanted to live out. While you may not be able to be in that Greek orgy you've dreamed about, there are role play sessions that you and your partner can try that will make your love life exciting again. If you've always wanted to have sex in a public place, go for it. Just play safe and make sure you're safe from breaking any laws that could get you in trouble.
  3. Listen. Good communication is a key element in an exciting relationship. Find out what your partner likes to do and let them know what your fantasies are. Chances are, they may be similar or you can take turns in acting out each other's fantasies.
  4. Get down and dirty. Sex doesn't have to be boring. Incorporate sex toys into your relationship, talk dirty, do something you've never done before and just have fun with it. Maybe your girlfriend or wife has never had any interest in sex toys but they can really enhance her orgasms as well as make your sex more intense. If she is hesitant start with something small such as warming lubes or a vibrator that is discreet.
  5. Take your time and just enjoy it. Sex doesn't have to be something you're trying to win at. There's no reason why you can't take your time and get to know each other intimately. Although a spontaneous quickie can be exciting, if you have the time then use it. Find ways to touch each other in new ways, play a sex game or share a romantic meal with wine; whatever leads up to the main event can be just as exciting.

There is not a set formula to better sex but there are ways to ensure that things will be more exciting. By utilizing the 5 tips for better sex, you'll have a head start on an exciting and better sex life.

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