5 Tips For Breaking Up With A Friend

These 5 tips for breaking up with a friend may not heal all wounds, but these tips can get you one step closer to an amicable break up. Are you sure that going separate ways is best for the friendship? If you responded "yes" then you know what to do. Breaking up can be hard to do, even with friendships.

  1. Exit a friendship diplomatically. If you need to tell a friend "so long," the last thing anyone wants is a screaming or pushing match. To avoid a brawl, talk with them and share what bothers you including why you have decided to end the friendship. If they do not take it well, be gentle or kind and see where that takes you. If there is nothing left to do but to walk away then don't turn back. Or at least until things have calmed down.
  2. Making memory markers a thing of the past can be done by creating new memories. Meaning, don't stop living life, even when a friendship ends. The only way to truly break up with most friends is to stop the encouragement. Remember the good times, but make sure to move forward to make even better times.
  3. Arrange a property swap with the future ex-friend. If you were close friends, chances are they have things of yours and there is no reason to not claim what's yours. However, be nice about it, not pushy.
  4. Break communication, it may be the only way to avoid falling back into the friendship. Breaking communication means do not answer email or phone messages from the friend, unless they are of the upmost importance. 
  5. Leave the door open for occasional returns. You never know when you'll miss them until something bad happens, we've all been there. If you are sure that you will never notice your friend's absence then perhaps the door is already shut.



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