5 Tips For Building A Drag Car

Looking for 5 tips for building a drag car? If you are new to drag car building or even racing, then you could probably use some tips for building said drag car. Since you are probably planning on racing the car you build, these tips are designed to make sure your car is not only designed for optimal performance, but also designed to look as cool as possible. The ultimate goal is to cross the finish line in first and in style!

  1. Use the body style of a real car to determine what kind of body you want your drag car to have. This is essential because trying to design some new style of car may end up looking cool or a may be a failure. But many of these pre-designed sports car bodies are built for speed, being aerodynamically designed to cut through the air and reduce push from the air that holds the drag car back.
  2. The next thing you want to do is buy the best quality performance parts you can afford for your new drag car. If it comes down to buying the higher quality exhaust system or the nicer looking spoiler to hold down your incredibly fast drag car (not sarcasm), go with the enhanced exhaust system. Keep in mind that many races pay money to the winner, which you can use to trick out your ride!
  3. Have a few different people on call if you need help finding a certain part or asking about the quality of brands. This will save you a lot of time because you will not have to go inside, get on the computer and look up all kinds of obscure brands of mufflers or engines. If you have someone on call who knows about drag cars and performance parts, and she has never heard of a brand, chances are it isn’t high quality.
  4. A great way to improve your car's performance is with a turbo or supercharger. Now the difference between each is that a supercharger sucks some horsepower from the engine, while the turbo doesn’t. So if you want maximum horsepower, go with the turbo, but if you have a V8 engine, then a supercharger isn’t a deal breaker and could end up saving you a little bit of money at the cost of a little bit of HP.
  5. Optimize your car for acceleration. This is one of the most, if not the single most, important aspects of a drag car. Because most races are no more than half a mile, getting to your top speed the fastest is the best advantage you can give yourself.
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