5 Tips For Choosing A Dress Watch

These are 5 tips for choosing a dress watch. Watches are big in fashion, but sometimes it can be hard to choose a watch when you're going out to a nice place. Well here are the five tips that will help you choose the correct watch every time,

  1. The first tip on choosing a watch is to not pick a watch with bright colors. You do not want your watch to stand out too much and take anything away from what you are actually wearing. Colors to avoid when choosing a watch are yellow, orange, bright blues, and red. These colors will make you look more like a clown than anything.
  2. The second tip we have to offer when choosing a watch is do not pick something huge. Bulky watches will do nothing but get in your way and stand out. You do not want your watch to be tiny, but if your watch is bulky it will be the ultimate joke of the place.
  3. Our third tip for choosing a watch is pick one that fits. If the time arrives when you run into somebody you know or you meet someone new, if you shake their hand and your watch is clinging up and down on your wrist you will look out of place. Choose a watch that fits correctly or suffer looking like a child.
  4. Another tip for choosing a dress watch is do not wear knocks offs. You will look like a cheap penny pincher. If you do not own a watch that is the original, wearing its knock off and having somebody notice can be very embarrassing.
  5. Our last tip for choosing a watch is if your watch does not follow these rules, do not wear one. Wearing a watch is not a necessity. You must remember this when going out. Watches can be flashy, but wearing a watch out somewhere nice and having it disobey these tips will only make you look like a fool.

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