5 Tips For Choosing Virtual Sex Dolls

These 5 tips for choosing virtual sex dolls will ensure that you will get the most simulated, fake pleasure from your sexual encounter, which will also be fake, seeing as how it's only with a virtual sex doll. For all those times you feel a bit lonely, don't have the hang of propositioning real girls or just personally feel that a virtual doll beats a live woman (they will be a cheaper date than a live woman for sure), you may want to consider virtual sex dolls.

  1. Get a virtual doll that suits you. The best tip for choosing a virtual sex doll is to make sure you get a type that's right for you. If you have been really lonely and deprived of a woman, you will want to get a more expensive model that has real hair, cyber skin technology and movable limbs! After all, if you really want to shoot your load with all the sexual excitement in the world, you have to get a doll that remotely looks like a real babe!
  2. Get features to make you ejaculate harder. If you buy a virtual sex doll, you want to do so to probably ejaculate at some point. If this is the case, make certain you buy a perky and cute virtual sex doll that comes with cyber skin technology (makes you think of real skin) and vibrating motions to really get you off, chief! Just think of your formerly lonely and sexless Saturday nights that used to feature TV dinners, animated porn and jerking off. Now, with your new virtual sex doll, you can actually have real sex … sort of!
  3. Set a budget for yourself. Just because you are buying a virtual sex doll doesn't mean you cannot be a fiscal conservative who likes to watch his budget. Know how much you spend on your virtual girlie will affect the intensity of your orgasms, since it will be harder for you to ejaculate if your virtual doll doesn't really resemble a real woman. Cheap dolls are inflatable and don't look realistic, but on the bright side, you do get a fake, crudely fashioned vagina to stick your penis into! If you really want to get off, you should spend several thousand for a lifelike doll.
  4. Shop in-store. The fourth-best tip for choosing a virtual sex doll involves you buying from a physical store instead of online. Doing this allows you to actually feel the virtual doll in between your horny and undersexed fingers, allowing you to better tell if you will enjoy having simulated sex with it. If you look at the doll up close and personal, you can also tell if you will enjoy its company across the table from you during your simulated, candlelight dinner.
  5. Don't think you're a pervert. While many people look down on sex dolls and, even more so, the lonely men who can't get any, you don't have to feel like you are mentally ill or suffering from too many psychological problems for buying a virtual sex doll. The reason you should feel confident in your purchase of a virtual sex doll is because you probably are just chronically shy and thus fail to form relationships with real gals. And, if you think about it, chronic shyness that leads to the purchase of a virtual sex doll is not a mental illness, per se;it's just a psychological coping device that will probably make it even harder to form relationships in the future.
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