5 Tips For Circumcision Recovery

Circumcision is an operation to remove the foreskin from the penis, and these 5 tips for circumcision recovery will facilitate the healing process.  The foreskin is a protective skin that covers the penis at birth but gradually separates as the child gets older.  By the age of three, the boy is able to pull back the foreskin of the penis.  Circumcision is generally performed at birth on babies and young boys, but the procedure can be done at any age.  The circumcision operation is done for medical reasons as well as aesthetic.  These are five tips to help in the recovery process of a circumcision procedure.

  1. Local anesthetics will generally last for up to eight hours post-procedure.  Over the counter pain medication is recommended, depending upon level of discomfort.  Tylenol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen are examples of over the counter pain medication available for purchase.  It is important to adhere to the dosage instructions located on the back of the box or bottle.
  2. Many physicians will not use dressing for adult circumcision.  Petroleum jelly and sterilized gauze can be wrapped gently around the sutured area.  Dressing should be changed every 24 to 48 hours post-procedure to ensure that there is not bleeding or infection.
  3. It is important to keep the penis area clean to prevent infection.  The area should be kept dry for up to 48 hours post-procedure.  Warm baths or showers in the morning and evening should be done to ensure that the area is clean.  It is important to use fragrance free soaps as this will prevent any irritation to the area.  Let the penis air dry after the bath or shower. 
  4. Loose fighting underwear and clothing should be worn until the wound has properly finished healing.  Reapply petroleum jelly and sterilized gauze as needed.
  5. Sexual activity and masturbation should be avoided for up to four to six weeks post-procedure to prevent the wound from reopening.  Amyl Nitrate can be used to alleviate erections during the post-procedure recovery.
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