5 Tips For Cleaning Patent Leather Shoes

Check out these 5 tips for cleaning patent leather shoes to keep your shiny footwear looking as good as new. Patent leather shoes come in all shapes and sizes, from children's dress-up shoes to women's pumps to men's tuxedo shoes. Take care of these beautiful shoes and get years of use from them.

To clean patent leather shoes, you'll need:

  • Mineral oil or petroleum jelly
  • Patent leather cleaner
  • A soft cloth
  • A black felt-tip marker (for black patent leather shoes)
  1. Wipe down the patent leather shoes. After you wear your patent leather shoes, wipe them down with a soft cloth to remove any surface dirt. This is also a good opportunity to look to see if there are any scuffs or other unsightly marks on the patent leather of your shoes.
  2. Eliminate scuffs and marks. When you see a scuff or other mark, take care of it right away. Pour a small amount of mineral oil or get a dab of petroleum jelly on a soft cloth. Rub the scuffs or marks to remove them.
  3. Condition the entire shoe. Use a soft cloth and apply mineral oil or petroleum jelly to the entire leather portion of the patent leather shoes. This will keep the leather supple and shining.
  4. Remove marks with a felt-tip marker. If scuffs and marks cannot be buffed out, try using a black felt-tip marker to cover the scuff mark. Try it first in a spot that does not show. Lightly apply the marker then buff the leather to blend it and remove excess marker ink.
  5. Splurge on patent leather cleaner. To keep your patent leather shoes in good shape and lasting for years, consider buying a commercial patent leather cleaner to apply as recommended. By protecting your shoes, you will get years of use from them.
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