5 Tips For Controlling Your Girlfriend

Learn about five tips for controlling your girlfriend who seems to be a bit out of control. You don’t want the relationship to end because your girlfriend is fun, exciting and knows how to have a good time, but you just want her to tone down her antics and control her behavior before she embarrasses you, if she hasn’t already. Your girlfriend should be able to understand that there is a time and place for everything. She can’t do what she wants whenever she wants unless she lives in a fantasy world.

  1. Threaten to end the relationship. If you have gotten to this point, you are at your wit's end with your girlfriend and you are done trying to control her. It’s time to tell her point blank that if she chooses to continue with her shenanigans then obviously, she doesn’t care about you. Tell her that the relationship should end and see if that straightens her out.

  2. Avoid your girlfriend when she chooses not to control her behavior. Your girlfriend may be a free spirit who speaks her mind even at the most importune time. That may have been one of the things that attracted you to her. Let her know you are not trying to control her, but that you don’t approve of her making a spectacle of herself. So, when she doesn’t exercise restraint, do not speak with her for a couple of days, show her you’re upset and let her think about it for a couple of days.

  3. Allow your girlfriend to be embarrassed out in public or in front of close friends. This may be what you call “tough love.” Let your girlfriend take a glimpse of her out of control personality. She might not realize how bad she behaves until it’s shown to her up close and personal. Show your girlfriend how it makes you feel when she doesn’t control herself.

  4. Tell her what kind of relationship you would like to have with her. Tell your girlfriend you enjoy being with her as she is a caring and fun person, but you are both adults and you want to have a mature relationship with her without the childish attitude. You feel she is harming the relationship because she doesn’t try to refrain from being so impulsive.

  5. Take her places where she has to keep her attitude in check. Your girlfriend may be used to being around people who don’t care about trying to control themselves and just act the way they want regardless of whom it may affect. You may need to show her and somewhat train her on the proper way to act in certain situations. She has to learn how to act accordingly.

If you feel you have to control your girlfriend, then she might not be the right girl to suit you and it might be better to find someone you are more compatible with and let her do the same.

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