5 Tips For Cornering A Motorcycle

Here, we're going to tell you 5 tips for cornering a motorcycle. Cornering on a motorcycle takes lots of practice and some people think it's pretty difficult. Indeed, if you aren't careful then you can get into many accidents due to careless cornering or overconfidence. However, if you follow these basic tips, you'll become a great motorcycle "cornerer"!
  1. Watch your speed. Try not to enter a corner too quickly. If you enter a corner with too much speed, apply a little bit of brakes, which will be explained in the next tip. If you start cornering too slowly, apply a little bit of throttle. Don't apply too much throttle though, apply enough to keep you going and flowing.
  2. Braking. If you being to corner a little too quickly, apply a little bit of brakes. Do this by touching the back brake just enough to slow you down as you need. However, sometimes you'll be in an emergency situation and you have to break hard. Do this by pulling the clutch and using the front brakes.
  3. Lean in. You need to start the corner by leaning in, rather than steering the front wheel. This is how you should be handling must turns anyhow, so this should come naturally to you.
  4. Throttle. When first approaching a corner, apply very little throttle. This makes the motorcycle lots more stable. Then, as your going through the corner, apply a little bit more throttle as you go on. When you finally reach the end of the corner, you can now apply more throttle than when you first started going through the corner.
  5. Practice! You know what they say, "practice makes perfect!" Try to practice whenever you can. This will greatly improve your cornering skills. However, don't let your life and your work be neglected because of practicing. Do this whenever you have time!
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