5 Tips For Couples Unable To Have Sex Due To Stress

If you're experiencing a low sex drive, here are 5 tips for couples unable to have sex due to stress. Stress can affect your personal lives in ways you can't imagine. Your sex life is one of the most important aspects of your relationship. It's the way you unwind after a hard day of work. It's how you celebrate anniversaries and special occasions. But, when life becomes too stressful, it can make it difficult to perform in bed.

  1. Massage. Massage is the perfect way to relieve stress and relax. It takes the tension out of bunched up muscles. Massages also relieve the mind of stressful thoughts. You first need to choose a massage oil with a light aroma. Do not use anything with a strong scent. You don’t want to end up with a headache from an overpowering smell in the room. Work the oil into her back, limbs and chest. Use gentle circular motions to loosen up tired muscles. After she is relaxed, ask her to massage you.
  2. Walk on the Beach at Night. The beach is great for couples under stress. There’s something about the moon, stars and sound of waves crashing against the shore that relaxes you. Hold hands as you walk and don’t talk about your day. Instead, talk about the sound of the sea, the brightness of the stars or how the moon seems to follow your every footstep.
  3. Take a Shower Together. Taking a shower together provides the intimacy you need to have sex. Close quarters, hot running water and lots of soapy bubbles can turn you on. Take turns washing and caressing each other. Let this private time you have together lead to other more intimate things.
  4. Counseling. Counseling may not be the top solution to your inability to have sex. But, it can help you get to the root of the problem. Couples unable to have sex due to stress often have underlying problems in their relationship. Talking it over in a neutral atmosphere may lead to a hot romp in the bedroom later.
  5. Just do it. When all else has failed, sometimes the best solution is to face it head on. Most intimacy problems occur because you try too hard. Come home from work one day, grab your girl and let nature take its course.
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