5 Tips For Dating Someone With Herpes

Dating someone with any sexually transmitted disease, especially herpes, can be very scary but 5 tips for dating someone with herpes can go a long way. When you meet someone and you click with them, things seem wonderful. But when they tell you they have herpes, all sorts of thoughts can go through your head. Before ending the relationship before it begins, try a few tips on dating someone with herpes to see if the relationship is possible. 

  1. Get tested. Not everyone who has herpes knows that they do have it. By getting tested, if both partners have herpes, no additional steps need to be taken. There is no need to take any precautions about preventing the spread of herpes because it has already happened. 
  2. Infected partner needs to take a daily suppressive medication. By taking medication, the chances of passing the herpes virus on to another person decreases by 73%. A simple visit to a doctor can result in a prescription. The longer a person has taken this daily medication, the less likely the virus will be passed. 
  3. Use condoms, always. When dating someone with herpes and you are being intimate, be sure to use a condom every time. Using these, in addition to taking a daily medication, will dramatically reduce the chances of passing on the herpes virus. 
  4. Educate yourself. When you are dating someone with herpes, your best way to prevent any passage of the disease is by knowing what you are dealing with. There are countless resources out there for you use to learn and reference. 
  5. Be aware of outbreaks. When an outbreak is happening, all sexual contact needs to be avoided. This needs to be done before, during and right after the outbreak. An outbreak is the time when the person you are dating is the most contagious. To have the highest chance of not spreading herpes, all contact should be avoided. 

Dating someone with herpes can be scary but it is not an impossible relationship. Precautions need to be taken for both partners but dating someone with herpes can be done and can be a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

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