5 Tips For Dead Skin Removal

Though it may not be the most masculine thing a guy can do, using the following 5 tips for dead skin removal can lead to a noticeable improvement in skin health and looks. Every guy, no matter how manly, hates waking up to find a huge whitehead on his face. Likewise, nasty calluses can form on particularly unsightly parts of your body. By properly removing dead skin cells, you can avoid the host of problems that dead skin accumulation can cause.

  1.  For your face, gentle exfoliants are best. Using something too rough to remove dead skin on your face can feel much like taking a cheese grater to it. To best avoid irritation, use a facial cleaner designed especially for your sensitive facial skin. Apply it using a washcloth, leave it on for the recommended amount of time (usually one to five minutes), and wash it off. Experts recommend that you don’t do this daily, as it can significantly dry out your skin.
  2. As an alternative, there are many highly touted natural alternatives out there. If you’re more of an au-natural kind of guy – or just too embarrassed to buy exfoliants from a store – a simple mixture of things lying around your kitchen will suffice. Use about a quarter cup of either granulated salt or sugar (it doesn’t really matter which), and mix in a roughly equal amount of olive oil. When you rub this mixture in the body, the granules will gently scrub away excess dead skin. Be sure to wash thoroughly after applying this scrub, as olive oil might clog your pores if left to sit too long.
  3. If things are getting really bad in the facial region, consider using a facial mask. For people with dry skin, the winter months can bring on visibly peeling patches in addition to the everyday problems. Facial masks and chemical peels stick to the skin, removing the patches as they’re peeled off. They shouldn’t be used too often, though, as irritation may follow.
  4. For other parts of the body, more intense exfoliants may be used. Take, for instance, your nasty feet. Years of being couped up in shoes and abused have turned them into dead skin factories. The most popular method for dead skin removal in these kinds of spots is a pumice stone. Available at most drug stores, they have a slightly rough surface that effectively removes large deposits of dead skin. Think of it as sandpaper, only less painful.
  5. No matter which method you’re using to remove dead skin, take steps to ensure the affected area remains healthy. Though dead skin removal techniques are very effective, they can often leave the skin dry and damaged over the long term. This inevitably leads to more dead skin accumulation.  Each time you exfoliate, end the process with a moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. 
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