5 Tips To Delay Orgasm

Use these 5 tips to delay orgasm when you want to prolong your pleasure and hers. Prolonging your orgasms can lead to better stamina and longer lasting sexual intercourse when practiced over a period of time. Practice long enough and you may become the master of your own orgasms.


  1. Breathing. Breathing is the most important step to delay your orgasm. To delay orgasms, you have to breathe in a steady and paced manner. As the body gets excited, nervous or even scared, our breathing pace quickens and we become unable to control the feeling and sensations that are happening. When you breathe in a steady and paced manner, you are able to feel everything and regain control over your body.
  2. Kegel Exercises. Practice your kegel exercises. The kegel exercises strengthen the muscles that are used to stop or delay an orgasm. These muscles are the same ones you use to stop peeing mid stream.
  3. Focus. When you are have sex think about something else. Think about a dump truck, mowing the grass, or whatever else you can think of that will keep you from completely enjoying the moments. Although your body will be enjoying every moment, your mind will keep you from focusing on the prize.
  4. Red light, green light. This is also known as starting and stopping. Whenever you feel close to having an orgasm, stop and change positions or just not move for a few minutes to let the excitement die down.
  5. Masturbate. The morning or early afternoon before having intercourse, masturbate to relieve some built up pressure in your testicles. This will help prolong your sex session and delay your orgasm.
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