5 Tips For Delaying Ejaculation

Looking for 5 tips for delaying ejaculation? It’s very frustrating to be in a great and heated lovemaking session only for it to end abruptly because you have ejaculated prematurely. Here are 5 tips for delaying ejaculation so you can continue to enjoy the intense sensation of intercourse; your partner will definitely thank you for it.

To delay ejaculation, you will need:

  • A stress reliever
  • Good communication skills
  • An understanding partner
  1. Masturbation is a good way to prolong ejaculation so it won’t happen to soon. A few hours before you plan to have a sexual encounter, masturbate until you ejaculate. This helps to calm those nerves, but one drawback is your sexual desire may go way down and you may no longer be in the mood for sex that day. Only you know how many times you may enjoy ejaculation in one day and how much time you need in between sessions.
  2. The “start and stop” method is a simple technique to try. When you have come to the point of ejaculation, stop thrusting, pulling completely out of the vagina if you have to, to delay ejaculation. You don’t even have to let your partner know, if you choose not to, that you have concerns with premature ejaculation. Find other ways to stimulate your partner until the feeling of coming too soon has passed, then you can pick up where you left off. There is nothing wrong with a little teasing; it keeps the sex more exciting.
  3. Putting on a condom is a safe and easy fix to delaying ejaculation. You will enjoy intercourse just the same, but you will receive less stimulation when you wear a condom, decreasing the risk of ejaculating too early. Wearing a condom will also keep sexually transmitted diseases from spreading, as well as prevent unwanted pregnancy. So wearing a condom is a smart and safe practice.
  4. Try different sexual positions to postpone ejaculation. We all have our favorite positions, and some of those may make you ejaculate quicker than you are ready to. So if you are in a position and you are receiving intense stimulation and you feel like you are about to ejaculate, change positions. Try letting your partner get on top; the sensation will probably lessen and you will avoid ejaculating too soon.
  5. Relaxing and breathing can be beneficial in delaying ejaculation. Try to remove all the tension and anxiety from your body by relaxing before and during sex. Take in deep breaths, then let them out. Try putting on some soft music or the sounds of nature to calm your nerves. Try not to focus on anything negative that may have happened that day. Just relax, maybe sip on some mild wine and enjoy one of the most pleasurable things on earth.

The reason for ejaculating too early could possibly be a physical or mental problem. That may require seeking out the help of a professional, or it could just be stress and you may need to find ways to relieve stress from your life. Before you do anything else, try using these simple tips for delaying ejaculation, and you may want to clue your partner in on your concerns. She may understand and be willing to help. You may not realize exactly what you are experiencing, possibly believing you are failing to satisfy your partner when she was satisfied all along, so communication is important.

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