5 Tips For Drunk Girlfriend Sex

These 5 tips for drunk girlfriend sex will help you have fun, safe sex even if you’ve both had a little too much to drink. If you’re planning on a night of drinking, then you should prepare ahead of time to have drunk sex. This will ensure that you’re both ready for the sex ahead of time.

  1. Be smart. If you know one or both of you are going to get drunk later, prepare for the drunk girlfriend sex now. Put a few condoms in your wallet and a few where you plan to end up. Do not have drunk sex without putting on a condom first. When you do put it on, have the lights on so you can see what you’re doing. This will make it easier if you’re drunk, too.
  2. Drink less. If your partner is starting to get really drunk, back off the drink a little. You want to be able to make smart decisions, particularly for the drunk girlfriend sex. These types of tips might be hard to follow, but resists that third drink and concentrate on keeping your partner sober enough for sex.
  3. Go home. Don’t try to have drunk girlfriend sex in the bathroom in the bar or in the car in the parking lot. Get you and your partner home and to your bed before you start the drunk sex. This will make it safer, and you can simply pass out afterward.
  4. Pay close attention to her cues. Do not have drunk girlfriend sex if your partner is too drunk to make decisions or passed out already. This is dangerous and puts you at risk of being accused of sexual assault, even if it is with your girlfriend. If your partner says “no” at any time, stop the sex immediately to be on the safe side.
  5. Pick a safe position. Drunk girlfriend sex is no time to try out a complicated sex position that requires strength, agility or especially balance. One of the best tips you can get for drunk girlfriend sex is to stick with simple sex positions. Try putting your girlfriend on top. Since she’s drunk, she’s likely to have less inhibitions and might give you a great show up there.
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