5 Tips For Eating Taiwan Street Food

Looking to take a culinary journey and want to know five tips for eating Taiwan street food? There are many things to consider when venturing down the culinary wonderland which is Taiwan street food. There are various flavors, colors and desires to consider. These are the top five tips for eating Taiwan street food.


  1. The first tip for eating Taiwan street food is to cast all preconceived notions about the safety of street food aside. Street cars, in particular Taiwan street food, have some of the freshest, most robust food available. Street cars in the United States must undergo the same licensing requirements as restaurants and due to lack of refrigeration, must use fresh ingredients.
  2. The next tip on the list of five tips for eating Taiwan street food is to remember that the food can be as varied as the region. There are excellent choices to choose from as well as tastes. Many of the items are sweet and crisp such as the sweet rice cake or the crisp scallion pancake. Salty varieties include fried mushrooms on a stick or the Sau Bling that can be filled with multiple types of filling. No Taiwan street food experience would be complete without the “Big Fried Chicken” or the smelly tofu.
  3. Do not be afraid to experiment with names that are unfamiliar. An example would be the Baozi, which is basically a steamed bread filled with vegetables or meat. Another would be the Shui Qiao which is a succulent soft steamed dumpling. When experimenting, this tip for eating Taiwan street food cannot be emphasized enough.
  4. The fourth tip on the list of the five tips for eating Taiwan street food is to build on old favorites. An example would be the various ice cream and shaved ice that Taiwan specializes in. They use fresh fruits and milk to raise the experience to a new level. Try the papaya milk which is a regional favorite and offers a sweet zest to the meal.
  5. The last tip on the list of five tips for eating Taiwan street food is that fresh is always best. Taiwan street vendors offer some of the most alive fruits bursting with flavor. Candies and other food that is minimally cooked offers the best view into the region and all of the culinary delights it holds.

These five tips will assist anyone in eating Taiwan street food. Taiwan street foods are some of the most popular street foods in the world. It has sweet, zesty and bold flavors that are sure to delight even the pickiest of eaters. With an open mind and a willing palate, anyone can become a Taiwan street food eating regular.

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