5 Tips Field Dressing A Hog

For the avid hunter, tips for field dressing a hog come in handy. The initial preparation process of your kill is essential for assuring maximum usage of meat later. Keep these tips in mind prior to your next trip.

  1. Take the right tools. The first tip for field dressing a hog is to be properly prepared. Have a leather tool style bag with a strap for easy carrying. Obtain or purchase a sturdy Buck knife of good quality. The blade should be at least 4-inches long and ideally have a gut hook tip on the end. Pack a foldable woodsman type saw for cutting through the animals tendons. A small hatchet, large sealable plastic bags, gloves, a game bag, rope, pulleys and game hooks compete the basics needed for field dressing a hog.
  2. Hang the hog first. A helpful tip for field dressing a hog is to hang the beast first. Cut a small hole between the tendons in the hind legs just above the hooves and use your game hooks. Use the pulley and rope across a tree limb and raise the hog high enough for comfortable access to the head.
  3. Remove the skin in long strips. A tip for dressing a field hog which will save you time in the long run is to not attempt to skin the hog in one piece. Score two lines through the hide along the back from the tail to head. Removed the skin in the strips separating the hide from the fat with a knife.
  4. Separate the head in the field. A tip for dressing a field hog which will assist you in carrying the animal home is to remove the head in the field. Use a hand saw and cut just above the first back vertebrae. Removing the head will separate a large chunk of weight allowing you to carry the carcass easier.
  5. Do not cut or remove the stomach and other digestive organs. Leave removing digestive organs to the professionals. A butcher knows how to remove these organs without releasing any possible toxins stored in the animals system. This tip for field dressing a hog can save your kill from becoming rancid.
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