5 Tips On Flirting

If you want the low down on 5 tips on flirting, you've come to the right place. Flirting is one of the best ways to convey your interest to new dating prospects and a wonderful way to connect with women you've already met. Plus, it's fun. Learn the secrets of great flirting and get your game on!

  1. Flirt back. When a woman flirts with you, be sure to flirt back. One of the five tips on flirting is to always give what you receive. Does this mean you are ready to date or take the flirting further? Not necessarily. It does mean you are a good sport, enjoy all women and like making people feel good. When you flirt back with a woman you're not interested in, be sure not to take it too far or she will get the wrong message. On the other hand, if you are interested in her, flirt away!
  2. Say the right thing. When you want to flirt, be sure to convey your message. Experts at flirting know saying the right thing is key to getting your point across. You want to be upbeat, happy and fun when you flirt. In other words, flirting does not put anyone down or hurt their feelings. Flirting catches a girl's interest, so be nice. Start out with a friendly hello type of flirt, introduce yourself and take it from there. If her interest is piqued, she'll flirt back. As the flirting escalates and there is mutual interest, ask for her number.
  3. Include body language. When flirting, include body language. For example, you might touch her arm or brush up against her (gently) as you flirt. Be sure your touching isn't offensive or rude. Keep your hands in the safe zones of her body when you flirt. Grabbing is not cool! If the flirting is serious and you're working to get your point across, look directly into her eyes. If you're keeping it light, you might look at her as you talk and then close your eyes. Women often bat their lashes and men can do a derivative of this behavior.
  4. Use your voice. The tone of your voice is one of the keys to flirting. You want to use a sexy tone. Flirting is best done with a gentle, low-pitched voice. When you use the tips on flirting, remember your objective is to draw a woman in. Speak to her the way you want to be flirted with. Men dig women with soft voices and sexy things to say. Save your manly voice for ball games. Tone it down when you flirt with women.
  5. Throw in humor. Humor is often overlooked in the dating game. If you can make a girl laugh, chances are you'll get a date. Feel her out, however. Some women dig cheesy humor when you're flirting while others go for wit and satire. However the situation plays out, be sure to get her to laugh as you flirt with her. Be funny without being lame, and be sure not to offend her with off-color jokes. Flirting is about having fun, so let your flirts speak for you!
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