5 Tips For Fondling Breast

Use these 5 tips for fondling breast to keep your female partner sexually satisfied. Women generally like breast stimulation. As part of foreplay or extra stimulation during intercourse, knowing how to fondle breasts can be satisfying for both the female and her partner. Take these tips and expand on the concepts for the best results.

  1. Cupping. The first tip for fondling breasts is to learn how to comfortably cup the woman's breasts in your hands. Place your hand in a semi-closed position. Lay the palm of your hand directly on the bottom of the breast. Lift slightly in an upward position. For women with smaller breasts, only slightly push upward. Gently move your hand slightly open and closed. Rub lightly during this process. Be aware of your partner's sensitivity level. If she shows any indication of being uncomfortable, lighten up on the touch. If the woman is receptive, begin applying more pressure in the squeezing motion and upward push of the breast.
  2. Ring around the nipple. The next tip for fondling breasts is to stimulate the area directly around the nipple. This area is extremely sensitive to touch and temperature. Lick the end of your finger and gentle touch in a circular motion around the nipple, but not touching the nipple. Switch to using your tongue to perform the same action. Finish the process with an ice cube if the woman is approving of the action.
  3. Plump the nipples. Enlarging or plumbing the nipples is the next tip for fondling breasts. Place your thumb and forefinger on either side of the nipple. Gently squeeze at first. Then apply more pressure slowly. Once the nipple swells slightly, stop with the squeezing action unless the woman encourages more.
  4. Sucking. Another tip for fondling breasts is to suck on the breasts using only your lips. Start softly, then increase the sucking action.
  5. Penal touching. The final tip for fondling breasts involves contact between the breasts and the male penis. Some women enjoy this erotic touch, as do most males. Keep control of the penis as it is rubbed gently on the breast area.
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