5 Tips For Fondling Girlfriend In Public

What are the best five tips for fondling your girlfriend in public you can receive? Well, in order to fondle your girl in public, there are certain things you need to know about her. The purpose for fondling your girlfriend is to get her hot right? So, before you can fondle her in public you need to know what she likes because you won’t have the time to explore her in public. Because you’re trying to effectively fondle her in public, you’ll need to act as efficient as possible so as not to bring any unwanted attention to your sexual exploits. Fondling her in public will take ninja-like reflexes and precision fondling techniques. Here’s how to fondle your girlfriend in public.

  1. Her body. In order to fondle your girlfriend in public, you need to know which areas to go for. These areas will differ from woman to woman. You can’t waste time stimulating her neck or biting her ears if those particular places don’t get her hot instantly. Before you even consider fondling your woman in public, explore her at home. Find out what gets her the hottest in the shortest amount of time.
  2. Out in public. Once you’ve gathered the necessary intel on your woman, you need to figure out how to fondle her in public without others realizing what you’re doing. This takes precision, and lucky for you, a lot of practice. If she loves getting her nipples fondled, then you need to figure out the best way to stimulate her nipples while in public, without others noticing. It could be a simple hand brush over her boobs. Maybe you can get a full breast squeeze in there while shielding the action from the public. It’s up to you to be creative here.
  3. Be quick. Once you know what she likes, you have to be able to strike quickly and at any moment. Once again, it’ll take a lot of practice. But, you’ll enjoy the exercise. Hit her with a quick fondle and act as if nothing happened. Only she’ll know what you’re up to. If you do it right, she’ll get turned on and you guys will have a cool little freaky game on your hands.
  4. Sometimes you have to ignore the public. You can create excitement for her my simply acting as if the kids down the street don’t matter. Or, you don’t care that the cop is cruising by in his car. Acting like you’re totally in to her will probably get her to the point to where she’ll allow you to fondle her without to much of a fuss. Just remember, creating the illusion of not caring doesn’t mean you should forget that you are in public.
  5. Covert operations. Figure out ways to turn your fondling into much, much more. Find ways to conceal what you’re doing. It could be something as simple as covering up with a blanket on the beach so you can give her some good finger action. If you can manage to get her off while in public, she definitely won’t fight your public fondling. Creativity and daring can take you a long way when it comes to fondling your girlfriend in public.
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