5 Tips For Fondling Nipples

So, you need 5 tips for fondling nipples do you? Actually, there’s a multitude of ways to fondle nipples. The man that can successfully fondle a set of nipples has a powerful weapon in the bedroom. So, just how do you fondle nipples correctly? Well, it depends on the nipples you’re fondling. Just because one woman enjoys certain things being done to her nipples doesn’t mean the next woman does. No, the master nipple fondler realizes that paying attention to the woman you’re dealing with will determine just how to fondle her nipples. Here are five tips for fondling nipples, any nipples.

  1. Check them out. The first step to fondling nipples is to see what you’re working with. Check out the shape of them. Do they take up a lot of surface area, or are they compact. Do they poke out when she’s excited or do you need to manipulate them directly for them to stand tall. Is your girl really sensitive? Know the nature of the beasts you’re going to fondle. Don’t be afraid to explore her nipples, better yet her breasts thoroughly. Ask her what she likes. Get her to fondle her own nipples. Pay attention to how she does it.
  2. Create anticipation. Here’s a great technique to fondling nipples. If you want to make a serious sexual impact, try stimulating the areas around the nipples first. Come dangerously close to making contact with the nipples then back away. Let your tongue walk all around the nipples without actually touching them. Blow your breath on the recently dampened areas. If you do this right, she’ll be begging you to fondle her nipples.
  3. Your hands. Use your hands to lightly brush over the surface area of her breasts. Trace lines and patterns near her nipples. Brush your fingers over her nipples and send a shock through her breasts. Pay attention to her. Base your actions on her reactions to how you fondle her breasts and nipples. If she enjoys direct contact, give it to her. Do it, of course, after you’ve gotten her really hot.
  4. Sucking. That’s what they’re there for. Nipples are made to be sucked. Let your lips and tongue go to work on her nipples. Pull on them with your lips. Wrap your tongue around them. Again, pay attention to her responses and act accordingly.
  5. All together now. Use your tongue and your hands to properly fondle her nipples. Create your specialized technique based on what she likes. Remember, the best way to fondle her nipples is to stimulate her entire breasts and work your way down to the nipples. The trick is to tease her until she can’t take it anymore. It’ll heighten the feeling you give her when you finally do decide to fondle her nipples.
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