5 Tips For Fondling Women

Every man should know these 5 tips for fondling women so the next time you have your hands on your girl, she's begging for more. With the right moves, the right touches and proper technique, a woman's desire can be pushed through the roof before you even get started. The only thing to remember is that all women are different, so take your time exploring each of these tips to find which one or ones works best on yours.

  1. The first and most important tip to fondling a woman is to remember they need a full body experience. The best way to do this is to fondle with more than just your hands. You can fondle her mind and her body with your words and your lips. Whisper softly into her ear, saying sweet things about her or what your wanting to do to her. Allow your lips to slowly and softly work down her neck, over her jaw line and over her shoulders. This will have her entire body begin to get involved, causing the right sensitivity to run through her body.
  2. The second tip leans towards how to properly handle breasts. You don't get points for ripping them off, so remember they need soft, gentle touches. Start by cupping them by letting them sit in the palm of your hands with your fingers softly wrapping around them. Gently run your fingers up and down each side of them, squeezing softly. The soft, gentle touch of your finger tips over the skin of her breasts will cause ripples of excitement to run through her body, causing her breast to become even more sensitive.
  3. The third tip is going to have you moving in towards the nipples. Like her breasts, they are meant to be ripped off. Nipples can be a big sensitive button on a woman's body but not if you attempt to twist or pull them right off. Start slowly, allowing your finger tips to brush over the tip of her nipples, and then circle the areola. Watch how the soft touches brings her nipple to a peak, showing you her arousal. Once you make it there, you can begin to allow your touches to be more firm the more she becomes aroused.
  4. The fourth tip is going to have you adding your mouth into the fun. Once you have aroused your partner, bring your hands back to her breast and lean in to allow the tip of your tongue to flick over the edge. The sensitivity of her nipples will have her begging for more of the sensation. Try wrapping your lips around the entire nipple and sucking softly. The texture of your tongue and the warmth of your mouth will have her senses exploding.
  5. The fifth and final tip is to read your partners body signs. She will tell you what she does and does not like if you are open to reading her. Watch her eyes light up and glaze over, or go flat with disinterest. Listen to her breathing and see if she is starting to breath heavy or growing bored with your movement. Her body will either heat up or cool down at the very touch you give her, so look closely and the sight of her body alone can lead you down the right path of fondling.
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