5 Tips For Full Contact Kickboxing

These 5 tips for full contact kickboxing can help you in the ring. Full contact kickboxing can be overwhelming, yet effective in developing your kickboxing skill. Take these 5 tips for full contact kickboxing into account.

  1. Practice will full contact sparring. To get used to the pace and contact of full contact kickboxing, you should implement full contact sparring.  Whether in the class or on your own, spar full contact with someone (pay attention to safety, of course).
  2. Develop your reactions. When training, develop reaction time for use in full contact kickboxing. For instance, have someone throw tennis balls at you at varying speeds. Then for a few minutes block, punch, kick, or move accordingly.  Exercises like these can get you to move, similar to what you'll need to do in the ring.
  3. Keep your hands up. When you practice and fight, you should make sure that you keep your hands up. During every punch and kick, or in your normal fighting stance, your hands should be protecting your head. 
  4. Take advantage of your opponent's weakness.  When in a match you should be paying attention to what your opponent is doing. Take note of any weaknesses in your opponent's fighting style, such as dropping hands during a kick, from the previous tip.
  5. Mix it up in fights. As in the previous tip, you do not want to be too predictable. Mix up your attacking, and defending, strategies, to keep your opponent on his or her toes. Sometimes this can make all the difference.
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