5 Tips For Getting A Girl Wet

Most guys think they know how to get a girl wet, but the truth is they need some tips for getting a girl wet. Most guys completely over think the process and make things a lot more complicated than they actually are. Then there are the guys who don't think at all and screw things up. Following these few simple tips are a guaranteed way to get a girl wet. These are the five best tips for getting a girl wet. 

  1. Be nice. It doesn't matter what kind of technical skills you have, how good looking you are, or how big your muscles are, because if you aren't nice to a girl, you're not going to get her wet. This doesn't mean you need to buy her presents or giver her flowers. Simply treating her with respect, will go a long way in getting her wet. Telling a girl she looks nice or smells good will turn a girl on much more than most men can imagine.
  2. Kiss her everywhere. Before heading straight for the crotch, try kissing the top of her body. A sure way to get a girl wet is to start slowly kissing the back of her ear and neck. Then you can move on to kissing you move on to kissing her breasts and stomach. Girls also will go wild when you start giving them a lot of little kisses on the inside of their thighs. By the time you get to her crotch, she should be soaking wet.

  3. Give her a nice long slow message. Besides relaxing her, this will also make her this will also make her feel appreciate which will defiantly get her wet. Use a good smelling lotion on a relaxing message oil. Also it is important to start the massage gently, so her muscle can get relaxed before you start rubbing them to deeply.

  4. Finger her. This means slowly finger her, not man handle her. One of the biggest mistakes guys make when doing this is going too fast. To really get your girl wet on need to start off slowly. To turn a girl on even more while you are fingering her, use your other hand to play with her breasts. Again, start off slow to really get her wet.

  5. Listen to her. Ok guys, this is an important one. Listen to what she has to say, so you will really know what gets her wet. If she says cowboys drive her wild, then break out the cowboy hat and cowboy boots. If she says she loves it when you whisper in her ear, then that is a clue to whisper is her ear when you want her to get wet. Listening to what a girl has to say is half the battle in getting her wet.

If you and the girl decided to have sex after she is wet make sure you use a condom to prevent getting an STD. It is important to always have condoms with you, because you never know when she will want to take the next step.

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