5 Tips For Getting A Tattoo On The Back

Looking for 5 tips for getting a tattoo on the back? Getting a tattoo on the back is a major decision, for many reasons. The back is a large, blank canvas to tattoo artists, making it a sort of prime real estate for their biggest and sometimes best work. When you're planning to get a back piece done, though, there are several things you want to keep in mind.

  1. Before you even think about getting the tattoo, you should find an artist. There are a lot of different styles that tattoo artists have, ranging from extreme realism to entirely cartoony and everywhere in between. You should look for an artist who's style speaks to who you are and what you want your tattoo to say about you.  
  2. After you've found an artist, sit down and talk to them. A lot of back pieces have common themes or ideas or tell stories. Sit down with your artist and the two of you can brainstorm your theme or the story of your piece. Make sure you are on the same page.
  3. Your artist, taking your ideas, will draw your tattoo. After he finishes, he will give you a copy and you will either approve it, or talk about changes you'd like to be made. Then she will take it back and redraw it. Repeat this process until you are entirely happy with the design. Remember that this will be on your skin for the rest of your life. Your satisfaction is the number one priority.
  4. On the morning of the tattoo, make sure your body is strong. Get a good night's sleep beforehand and drink plenty of fluids. Eat a decent breakfast. You want your body to be strong and relaxed when you get your work done.  
  5. Keep your new tattoo clean. Use only anti-bacterial hand soap to wash your tattoo and never wipe it with a wash cloth. When your artist is finished, they will most likely provide you with a sheet of tattoo aftercare instructions with all the various dos and don'ts associated with the care of your tattoo. Depending on your flexibility, you may need help for the first several days with washing and applying the non-scented lotion that is recommended by your tattoo professional.  

Tattoos are a lifelong statement made on the most permanent surface available to an individual. Getting a tattoo on your back should be a fun and unique experience. Always make certain your tattoo artist uses sterile equipment and follow the aftercare directions to prevent any complications that may arise without proper care. Good luck and happy drawing!

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