5 Tips For Getting A Tattoo On Hip

Here are 5 tips for getting a tattoo on her hip for all the men that long to see their woman sporting a sexy hip tattoo. Let's face it–hip tattoos are sexy. Guys love seeing a little bit of ink peek through the top of a girl’s jeans or bikini bottoms. It instantly makes the mind wonder what else is there. Hip tattoos show that a woman is sexy, daring and playful, all of which are great qualities men love. Of course if you are tied down to someone who does not have one of these sexy tattoos, you are left out in the cold, wanting and wishing.

  1. Women like gifts. That is no surprise. Women also like sweet gestures. Draw something that is meaningful to her. Lack the skills? Take a rough draft or even an idea the tattoo artist and have him/her perfect it. The key is to make the drawing about her and something she could proudly get a tattoo of on her hip. Maybe she recently achieved a goal or has a cause that she is passionate about. These are ideas to consider.
  2. Complement her hips. She may feel a bit self conscious about this area of her body. Build that confidence with praise and positive remarks. Let her know how sexy her hips look. Once she is smiling and giggling with delight, drop in the suggestion of getting a tattoo on her hip to play it up and draw attention.
  3. Make it a date. Tell your girlfriend for your next date you want to get tattoos together. Start a conversation about what you want to get and where. Ask her opinion on your tattoo idea. Give her some input and control over your tattoo. Once you have agreed on yours start talking about her tattoo. She is more likely to follow your suggestions when she had so much control over yours.
  4. Do not push too hard. Pressing the issue could make her uncomfortable and push her further away from wanting to get a tattoo. Plant a seed in her mind and let her come to terms with the idea on her own. If the initial conversation is positive and encouraging she will come around in time.
  5. Get her girl friends involved. There is nothing like a little peer pressure to make any woman cave. Next time everyone is hanging out, bring up how much you love hip tattoos. Get the girls going on the topic. They will likely come up with the idea on their own to get work done and convince her to get a tattoo on her hip.
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